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We offer two types of shows, pre-designed and bespoke. Pre-designed shows are performed by a fleet readily available on the ground. This may be well suited to more generic requirements. Bespoke shows are tailored to the client’s needs and take a considerably longer time to put together but offer the beauty of embarking on a design journey for a wow event.

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Pre-designed shows for all types of events allow us to bring you shows at short notice. 

We will make your special occasion extra special with formations designed to mark occasions such as engagements, weddings, birthdays, parties and the list goes on. 

The pre-designed shows are also customisable, should that be required. For a one off or a run of shows, tailed to ensure that you have that special event. The lead times for a ready-made show are as little as one week (depending on location). 


Bespoke shows are a truly special experience, aimed at mesmerising the viewer and creating memories to remember. 

Bespoke shows can be on both the small and large scale and go up to thousands of drones. 

We work to fully fulfil your brief and design requirements to suit your event or show. 

Whether used for celebrations, to mark special occasions or advertising, the bespoke shows are something to remember! 


Indoor dancing drone performances are also available with pre-designed choreography and bespoke shows tailor made to suit your indoor event. 

Perfect for incorporating into events and performances, the indoor dancing drones can be used both on own as the star of the show or to complement an existing performance. 

Perfect for winter months, use in bad weather when outdoor drones cannot be used and, of course, during performances. 

Interested in working with us on one of your special events? Let's Talk.​
Indoor or outdoor shows and performances
Pre-designed shows from as little as 10 drones
Bespoke shows on both small and large scale 
Entertainment shows for hotels, companies or important dates/events
Shows can be daily or one-off

DJ drone parties or dancing drones

Advertising with company logos & colours or per requirements
Promotional brand events

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