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A team of dreamers and dream-makers, those who love what they do and love making dreams come true. No request is too big or too small, the team will fulfil any request with the same amount of passion, excitement and skill.  Oh, and we also save last-minute shows that others can't deliver. 
Drone light show by SKD Drone team

SKD’s vision is to innovate and advance the sky shows, leading the technological revolution and advancement of quadcopter technology in events and advertising, with a goal of inspiring people.

SKD Drones (4).jpg
SKD drone show Guinness World Record



Double Guinness World Record holders for our drone light shows, SKD has broken two records with the most consecutive UAV formations in the same set. This record requires incredible precision, which can be reached only by few drone light show operating systems. 

SKD is looking into breaking more records with UAV swarms, both indoors and outdoors and is one of the very few companies in the world, which has the capacity to break the GWR in the most UAVs airborne simultaneously and is working on breaking this record.

SKD drone receives first Guinness World Record for drone show



look forward

to breaking more! 

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