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We create lasting 
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to inspire


The FIRST and ONLY company to perform by Burj Khalifa, Dubai

SKD International Drone Events is a hub for state of the art global drone light shows

One of the leading global drone light show operators and double Guinness World Record holders, SKD offer state of the art drone light shows, with events managed from start to finish. Perfect coding permits to fly the required formations exactly as designed and with a 100% success rate, we ensure we deliver your perfect drone event


A novel approach and business model amongst drone light show providers allows to offer both frequent and bespoke, small and large scale, indoor and outdoor drone shows. A more flexible approach has enabled SKD to win many returning clients


SKD’s expertise and services are extended to the development of drone technology and technological solutions of the future. 

Drone Light Show for Dubai Police

                        has delivered hundreds of shows to thousands of spectators globally. We continue to bring innovation to everyday life with drone-powered solutions for entertainment, events and advertising, as well as development of drone technology and technological solutions of the future, today. 


We aim to bridge the gap between the future and reality with both accessible and cutting edge drone light shows for all types of events and clients wishing to create a unique and truly special experience. 


The possibilities
of the shows 
are endless

The possibilities of the shows are endless and the sky is the limit. We tailor the shows to fit any scale and any requirements, to tell your unique story


We have the capacity to fly 4000+ drones. With tens of thousands of colour combinations, 20 optional twinkling modes, centimetre level positioning, 3D for, and 360 degree movement, you can recreate any image, any design and any colour in the sky for the world to see.


We work with the client on finding the exact design solution to achieve the perfect show, whatever the goal may be. From small pre-designed shows to large-scale, record-breaking shows designed to wow the world.

Marketing show for NOON and EXTRA stores to announce the start of the sale and our latest GUINNESS WORLD RECORD



the one that went viral

AND the one that gave us our FIRST GUINNESS WORLD RECORD

Half-time show for the KING'S CUP




Some of our clients

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